Diablo 3 charakter slots

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diablo 3 charakter slots

Not that characters in Diablo III are that deepthe game is sort of goofy, two new character slots, two additional stash tabs on PC, a portrait. I was just wondering how you get 15 character slots because I only have 12 character slots and I would love to have 3 more character slots. Need more space in your stash? Can`t make new character? Diablo 3: stash space and character slots. I suddenly understand why we are limited to 10 character slots Hokuto no Merry christmas happy hanukkah said: I'm gonna have 5 male SC and 5 male HC characters. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Extra character slots is merely a band-aid for the real problem that is storage. DiabMar 18, Part of the aggression is in showing just how quickly and easily he can pull together multiple links, the answer, and even draw a red box around it on a screenshot.

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DanBourne DanBourne 1 year ago 7 1 each of wiz, DH, Barb, WD, Monk is enough for me. It cuts down on bank clutter and makes it easier to switch around since you're only looking at different sets per character, and after you're used to it you get pretty fast and spinning around the wheel equipping the pieces you want. Do you ever start a season on a class that is different than the one you plan to main? Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Ghost Recon Sign In Register Careers Help For Honor About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy FH Heroes Copyright , Curse Inc. Those who pre-ordered UEE got 3 extra slots. Is that just like an early access type deal that you can unlock somehow in the game regardless , or is that literally the only way to have those extra slots? diablo 3 charakter slots


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