Battlestar galactica rules

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battlestar galactica rules

Most of the rules of Battlestar Galactica are self-explanatory, because you'll draw cards and do what the card says. The human fleet has limited resources in fuel. This rulebook is intended to be a single source for looking up rules for Battlestar Galactica, unifying the various sources of information in a single place. It's also. The remaining humans, led by the crew of the Battlestar Galactica, flee in hope of finding a new home, one known by legend as Earth. But as resources run low.


Battlestar Galactica Board Game Tutorial battlestar galactica rules If there were best online roulette website Occupation Forces on the track when they were activated, place one at the start under Occupation Authority. Players Cylon cards Not a Cylon cards 3 1 6 4 1 7 5 2 9 6 2 10 If a spielautomaten tipps battlestar galactica rules a Cylon Leader: There are 3 steps to the Crossroads phase:. FAQ Guide To BGG Glossary Admins. Mutiny cards and the Mutineer are a whole new game mechanic: A hidden Cylon could choose to sabotage at a critical moment, or cause infighting amongst the humans. When another game effect requires drawing or placing civilian ships, they must be drawn from the regular pile by the board as usual.

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The remaining Trauma tokens should be randomized facedown into a pile near the board. If the Mutineer card is still in the Loyalty deck after the Sleeper Agent phase cards are dealt, the current player must choose a human player to deal 1 more Loyalty card to. Doc Cottle can use abilities on Engineering cards, just not actions and by extension, not Movement actions either. Note that discarding a card to move to another ship is not available as an action or activation, it is strictly a move. First, build two decks of Loyalty cards:


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